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Founder's Message

Sakshi Munjal, Founder of Sashaa World

Hey You,

Isn't it strange that a throw, languidly draped on a sofa, or a couple of cushions strewn on a cosy rug, or a stool that doubles up as a side table can transform the way a space looks? Why does a beautiful space make us happy? Why does it impact how we feel? 

Allow me to get a little nerdy here. You may have heard of Maslow and his famous theory on motivation, the Hierarchy of Needs.

He, however, also ran a less discussed experiment in the 1950s that examined the impact of the physical environment on the human psyche. He furnished three rooms; Beautiful Room, Average Room, and Ugly Room, and observed how physical surroundings impacted the psychology of people he sent to these rooms.

The Conclusion: People are happier with themselves and more optimistic about the world when they’re in a beautiful setting.

I live by this maxim. After all, I was born into a family that is immersed in the world of home textiles.

But Sashaa World wasn't born just out of a dream to create Beautiful Rooms for everyone.

At Sashaa World, we dream big. We see a world where women create, grow, succeed, and lead. We are a women-led organization allying with other women, committed to helping the community grow. We would be nothing without our artisans, women who create beauty out of thread and balls of cotton. From operations to packaging, women are at the fore at Sashaa World.  

Women at work at Sashaa World

We are fuelled by our values of equality and inclusivity. We are motivated by our dream of seeing a world run by women. 

Thank you for bringing Team Sashaa World and me one step closer to fulfilling that dream. 

The future looks bright and vibrant! 

Love and warmth, 

Sakshi Munjal