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Loved by Decor Trendsetters

Loved by Decor Trendsetters

Product combos from the Sashaa World collection that some of our favourite home decor bloggers and influencers have loved and styled.
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38% OFF

Bohemian Combo by Anam Shaikh

Rs. 6,950.00
Rs. 11,179.00
40% OFF

Accents of Sunshine by Stuti

Rs. 7,917.60
Rs. 13,196.00
40% OFF

Living Room Nook by Priyanka

Rs. 7,792.20
Rs. 12,987.00
40% OFF

Jute Magic by Neha Kapoor

Rs. 9,418.20
Rs. 15,697.00
40% OFF

Colour Play by Deepika Mishra

Rs. 7,492.80
Rs. 12,488.00
40% OFF

Balcony Beauty by Sneh Tarang Randev

Rs. 6,413.40
Rs. 10,689.00