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Our Story

Sashaa World is our endeavor to help you create an oasis of calm at home.  We want to ensure that our community feels nurtured and rejuvenated in the spaces they inhabit. 
Which is why we focus on products that can instantly change the vibe of the room; that can infuse your personality into the space, and create an atmosphere that tells the tale of who you truly are. After all, every little expression of you makes your house your home.
The seed for Sashaa World was sown in the mind of our founder, Sakshi Munjal, as a young girl. Her journey with textiles started young; the result of being born in a family that was immersed in the business. Her dreams and vision for home decor were transformed into reality when Sashaa World was born. Read what Sakshi has to say here. 

Our Wonder Women 

We are women-led team based in India transforming decor by reinterpreting traditional textile techniques through modern design. We work with women artisans in India to ensure each weave and stitch is made with purpose and positivity, while giving women the reins to their lives.
Our name, Sashaa, is an amalgamation of the names, (SA)raswati, the patron of art and Goddess of Wisdom, and (Sha)kti, the Goddess of active, feminine energy of the divine. Our name underlines our vision of empowering women. Generating employment and enabling dignified craftmanship has been a happy side effect of our business. It's a small element of our business model that has a big impact on a family.   

The Brand Philosophy

Our aim has always been to create products which are easy to style, integrate and decorate with. 
We love details. So tasseled cushions, rugs with pom-poms, macrame knots; these are the details that elevate everyday decor. It's the little things that make the normal, extra.  
At Sashaa World, we want to help create homes that are energized and calm, bursting with life, but never clutter. We are bringing a piece of heart to your home.