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Our Story

Have you ever felt that sense of calm that can flow over you the moment you step into a space that has been lovingly crafted? 

We have and we know how therapeutic it can be to create a space like that at home. After all, we tend to draw our energy and power from the spaces we exist in.

Sashaa World is our endeavor to help you create an oasis of calm at home.  We want to ensure that our community feels nurtured and rejuvenated in the spaces they inhabit. 

And more often that not, it's the smallest detail that makes the biggest impact.

Which is why we focus on products that can instantly change the vibe of the room; that can infuse your personality into the space, and create an atmosphere that you can't get enough of. 

Every little expression of you makes your house your home.

But Who is Team Sashaa World?

We are an all women team who work with communities in India to transform traditional textiles through modern design.


We focus on textiles and work with women in India to ensure each weave and stitch is made with purpose and positivity, while giving women the reins to their lives.

In fact our name, Sashaa, is an amalgamation of the names, (SA)raswati, the patron of art and Goddess of Wisdom, and (Sha)kti, the Goddess of active, feminine energy of the divine. It's our way of underlining our vision of empowering women.

Generating employment and enabling dignified craftmanship has been a happy side effect of our business. It's a small element of our business model that has a big impact on a family.

And When Did This Journey Begin?

The seed for Sashaa World was sown in the mind of our founder, Sakshi Munjal, as a young girl. Her journey with textiles started young; the result of being born in a family that was immersed in the business. Her dreams and vision for home decor were transformed into reality when Sashaa World was born. 

If you are a conscious consumer or just someone who likes pretty things, we know this space is for you.