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From Humble Beginnings to Global Brand: The Sashaa World Story

January 30 2024 – Sakshi Munjal

From Humble Beginnings to Global Brand: The Sashaa World Story
From Humble Beginnings to Global Brand: The Sashaa World Story

Sashaa World
is a trailblazing organization, deeply devoted to the extraordinary potential of textiles and design to create captivating spaces. Their products transcend mere decorations, as they possess the remarkable ability to instantly alter the ambiance of any room, infusing it with the essence of individual personalities, making one feel truly at home.

At the core of their mission lies an unwavering commitment to empowering women in India. Sashaa World firmly believes that providing women with meaningful work opportunities enables them to take control of their lives and attain greater financial independence. Through close collaboration with women from diverse communities, every weave and stitch is crafted not just with skill but also with purpose and positivity, embodying the spirit of revered Goddesses Saraswati and Shakti.

The inspiring journey of Sashaa World begins with the visionary founder, Sakshi Munjal. Having grown up in a family deeply immersed in the textile industry, her passion for fabrics and design flourished from a young age. In 2018, her dream of transforming home decor into an artful experience culminated in the establishment of Sashaa World, captivating the hearts of a diverse customer base with its unique fusion of style, creativity, and international trends. sakshi munjal

Operating from their head office in Panipat, renowned for its rich textile heritage, Sashaa World's artisans breathe life into their creations using thread and cotton balls. The exceptional craftsmanship of these skilled artisans forms the very backbone of their products, elevating them to unparalleled levels of beauty and finesse.

As a women-led organization, Sashaa World prides itself on fostering an inclusive and empowering work culture. Women are prominently featured in every facet of their business operations, from ideation and design to packaging and marketing. This approach not only strengthens the fabric of the organization but also reflects its unwavering commitment to gender equality.

Sashaa World extends heartfelt gratitude to their loyal customers, who hail from every corner of India, from the northern valleys of Kashmir to the southern tip of Kanyakumari. The enthusiasm and appreciation from their customers serve as a continuous inspiration, pushing them to constantly surpass the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship.

Beyond financial success, Sashaa World's impact on the lives of their artisans and their families defines their true success. Their business model's employment generation and fostering of dignified craftsmanship have a profound ripple effect, enriching entire communities and empowering individuals to carve their destinies.

Sashaa World's journey exemplifies the boundless possibilities that emerge when traditional textiles harmonize with modern design and when women are empowered to lead and create. They envision a future where their products continue to transcend boundaries, filling spaces with warmth, character, and purpose, while leaving an enduring impact on the lives of their dedicated artisans. Together, Sashaa World and its community celebrate the spirit of art, empowerment, and the essence of home, warmly inviting all to join them on their transformative journey.


2.1 Product offerings

  • Furnishings: Sashaa World offers a variety of furnishings to add comfort and style to my living spaces. This category includes cushions, beddings, throws, bathmats, doormats, carpets, and rugs. These items not only provide warmth and coziness but also contribute to the overall aesthetics of my home.
  •  Furniture: The brand provides soft furniture items such as poufs and stools. These pieces of furniture can serve as additional seating options, footrests, or decorative accents in my home. They are designed with both functionality and visual appeal in mind.

  • Wall Décor: Sashaa World's wall décor collection consists of items like macramé mirrors, wall hangings, and macramé shelves. These pieces are perfect for adding a touch of artistry and uniqueness to my walls. They serve as eye-catching focal points and enhance the ambiance of my living spaces.
  •  Jute and Cotton Baskets: Jute and cotton baskets are practical and versatile additions to my home. Sashaa World offers a selection of these baskets, which can be used for storage and organization. They come in various sizes and designs to suit different needs and decorative preferences.

  • Kitchen Furnishing: The brand also offers placemats made from jute and cotton materials. Placemats are functional accessories for my dining table, protecting it from spills and heat. Sashaa World's placemats come in both jute and cotton options, allowing me to choose the one that matches my table setting and style.

Sashaa World's product offerings are designed to cater to various aspects of home decoration and utility. From enhancing the comfort of my living spaces with furnishings to adding artistic flair with wall décor, their products are curated to help me create a stylish and functional home environment. Additionally, their focus on materials like jute and cotton reflects a commitment to sustainability and natural aesthetics in home decor.